Jawbone's first couple takes at a fitness tracker released to only moderately favorable customer reviews, due to poor construction and the lack of wireless syncing. Today, Jawbone has announced its latest iteration on the Up fitness band with the Up24. The new model comes with what appears to be some improvements over the previous generation models having finally included wireless syncing.

Initially Jawbone was against the inclusion of wireless syncing because it felt that Bluetooth technology would complicate the experience by forcing the device to be larger and draining precious battery life at a higher rate. But it looks as though the company has now tackled these issues with the new Up24.

The new device will accommodate seven days of use with its low power Bluetooth radio, while remaining around the same size as its predecessor. It also has a similar water resistance rating as well.

In addition to the Up24, Jawbone also just released an update for the companion iOS app. While the update comes with some features that will only work with the new Up24, most of the additions are geared towards the older model. New features inside the update include, being able to set a "Smart Alarm" through the app and a new sleep recovery tool that will allow you to review your sleep activity even if you forgot to engage sleep mode.

Other additions include a detailed activity log displaying your sleep activity and food intake. You'll also find motivational features like daily challenges focused on one of three categories: sleep, movement, or water intake, as well as "Streaks" and "Milestones" to keep you on track.

Up24 is available now in onyx (black) or persimmon (orange) for $150, and the Up (previous model) is also still available for $130 in onyx, blue and light grey. The UP by Jawbone app is a free download on the App Store.