Multiplayer can be a tough thing to master. Just ask DICE. It's a pretty daunting task to bring a multiplayer experience that is capable of housing massive 64-player deathmatches, and the developer is already feeling some of these issues with its highly popular Battlefield 4 title, but a patch released today aims to remedy that.

The latest update addresses some of the recent crashes and server failures that have been kicking players out of matches and in some cases, the game entirely. You can read the patch update notes on the Battlefield 4 forums, but the gist of it is that the fix will focus on three key elements. The first, and perhaps the most important thing gamers should notice is a big boost in overall stability when playing.

Network syncing also saw its share of complaints. If you've been experiencing random deaths and enemies shooting you through walls or around corners, this patch should finally correct that. DICE has pinned down the bug behind this type of behavior and says it's continuing to work to remedy other network syncing problems, if not all of them, in the near future. Likewise, network smoothing function located under the gameplay sub-menu is also getting some attention, for people experiencing packet loss during multiplayer sessions.

This newest patch, labeled "Update #12" on the Battlefield 4 forums, is available for download today. In addition to this release, DICE has also patched up some things server-side, which will hopefully clear up some of the problems that the company is experiencing with their own network.