After leaking over the weekend, Dell has now officially announced its new Ultra HD 4K monitors today. The new Dell UltraSharp line will ship in two models, the 31.5-inch flagship and a 24-inch version, both of which run in full 3840 x 2160. As you might have imagined, these displays will not be cheap. The 31.5-inch UltraSharp will hold the same $3500 price tag as the Asus Ultra HD display and the 24-inch (seen below) model will come in at $1400.

Along with the 24-incher's much more digestible price tag, the 185 PPI display features a 178-degree viewing angle with an adjustable stand, as well as HDMI, mini-DisplayPort, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 ports (x4) and multifunction card reader connectivity. For $1400, Dell promises a 3 year Premium Pixel Guarantee, in which apparently the company will replace your display if even a single pixel acts up.

As for the flagship 31.5-inch, it boasts a very similar spec set as its smaller counterpart, beyond its more limited 176 degree viewing angle and its 140 pixel per inch count.

While these are certainly pricey monitors, Dell is expected to introduce an Ultra HD display at what sounds like a slightly lower price tag some time next year. Reports say the company has a 28-inch 4K Ultra HD display coming in 2014 that will sit somewhere in the sub $1000 price range. Dell expects this to be the most affordable 4K display on the market when it launches.

Both the 31.5 and 24-inch 4K Dell UltraSharp monitors are available now on