The long holiday weekend meant that many got to spend some quality time with friends and family but for others, it was the perfect opportunity to unplug from the real world and play some video games. Gamers were no doubt trying out their new PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones but PC gamers were also getting in on the action.

PC gamers set a new record for the most concurrent users on Steam yesterday morning. According to site utilization statistics, around 7.19 million users were logged into the system which tops the previous record of 6.6 million users this past January. The previous record before that was 6 million even back in November 2012.

Digging deeper, the most popular game as of late based on player count is by far Dota 2 with a peak of more than half a million players today. In second place is Counter Strike: Global Offensive at just under 100,000 peak players and Football Manager 2014 in third at a hair under 60,000 players.

If Steam's user base of 65 million reported at the end of October is still accurate, we can assume that a little over 10 percent of the entire platform's users were logged in yesterday. Either way you slice it, that's a lot of concurrent people logged into Steam which could go a long way in the argument that PC gaming is far from dead. What's even more impressive is it took place just as new consoles hit the market, but I digress.