Steam reaches a new record as more than 7 million gamers log in simultaneously

Shawn Knight

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The long holiday weekend meant that many got to spend some quality time with friends and family but for others, it was the perfect opportunity to unplug from the real world and play some video games. Gamers were no doubt...

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Let me do the math, what percentage would that make me?
  • 0.0000143%
Look at all those digits, I'm a major contributor. LOL


Well, every time there's a sale, a lot of people log in to Steam. It doesn't mean they were all playing, I personally was mostly checking out the bargains. It's a great way to train the willpower -- to not buy something on a Steam sale :)
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Does any of you actually THINK when you see those numbers??? The top 3 take only 660,000, with number #3 getting only 60,000. So where did the other 6.5 million go?

I did a check...the combined total of the top 100 today is 1.2 million, with Dota 2 scoring 470,000. Let's assume that they reach a total of 5.2 million today, then where do they get the other 4 million from, when the game with the lowest number in the top 100 is getting 720 logins? Steam is clearly faking the numbers to promote their new Steam hardware if you ask me.


Guest above me...

Read article again. "LOG IN SIMULTANEOUSLY" not "PLAYING".

Chuck Cortes

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I love how some people like to pretend like they know more than everyone else (specially the ones doing the calculations) but they never pay attention to the story and instead end up making fools of themselves. I am logged on to steam 24/7, I see no reason to log off. When I get the urge to play I wanna be able to just hop in and go not have to wait to log in or load the program. Same with chat programs, only log off or set to away if I don't want to be bothered while on the PC doing something other than gaming.