Interested in purchasing a new Android smartphone this holiday season? If so, you may want to first check with Amazon as they are offering up free cloud storage to Android shoppers as an incentive to purchase directly from them instead of your wireless carrier.

The online retailer is dishing out 50GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive storage in exchange for a select Android phone purchase. There are more than 100 qualifying devices to choose from including Samsung's Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, Motorola's Moto X, the LG G2 and the HTC One, just to name a few of the more popular offerings.

Simply select the phone you want, make the purchase and the free storage should open up within 10 days.

It's an excellent offer indeed but as always, there are a few things to take note of beforehand. Specifically, the 50GB of storage is only free for the first year. After that, you'll need to renew and pay for a subscription ($25 for 50GB per year) if you want to continue to use the service. The good news here is that Amazon won't delete your files once the free subscription expires.

If after a year, you determine that 50GB is overkill, you can bump down to smaller capacity packages as well. Amazon offers 5GB of free Cloud Drive storage to anyone with paid options ranging from $10 annually for 20GB to 1TB a year priced at $500. Users can access their Cloud Drive using a PC or a mobile device for added flexibility.