News flash, players were disappointed in Diablo 3. Okay, that isn't news at all, and it appears more and more each day that the majority of Blizzard fans considered the mighty D3 a mighty big flop. But there are alternatives out there and one is posting some pretty impressive numbers.

Grinding Gear Games, the creative studio behind the Diablo-esque title, Path of Exile, is beyond happy to announce that its free-to-play dungeon crawler is seeing an average of 250,000 unique players per day. What makes that more impressive is that the game has only been "on market" (out of beta officially) for about a month. Developers were also excited to point out that the title boasts over 4 million registered users and that 1.5 million unique players logged into the game following the end of the open beta.

The majority of players seem to be ecstatic with the game overall, and developers are catering to the masses by constantly tweaking and a balancing classes, as well as adding new content. The latest 1.0.2 patch brought a slew of new vendor items, achievements, and recipes. The studio has also fine-tuned its PVP tournaments. You can get a look at the recent patch notes here.

Grinding Gear even took this opportunity of success to offer some paid supporter packages. These packs include a soundtrack, t-shirts and hoodies, points to use for in-game micro transactions, and a variety of customizable features to use on your created characters. Supporter packages range from $50 to $900. We aren't sure who exactly is dropping $900 PoE, but to each their own.

If you haven't yet jumped on the PoE bandwagon, there is no better time than now.