Eidos Montreal, the creative minds behind "Thief," believe that the development gap has been greatly reduced between console and PC thanks to the PS4 and Xbox One. This is great news for PC gamers out there who are frustrated by console exclusive titles. Unfortunately it takes a lot of extra man power in order to localize titles between outlets and as a product we end up with companies who create a game for either console or PC and refuse to spend the extra money to "cross the development gap."

But that may change in the near future, and according to Thief art technical director, Jean-Normand Bucci, the gap between consoles and PC's is much smaller in the newest generation. In an interview with DSO Gaming, Bucci spoke the following about the recent differences in PC and console:

"The new consoles are very strong, very powerful. They allow for much more than what a console gamer is used to. The gap between PC and next gen has massively reduced for sure. The new consoles and high-end PC offer better frame rate, higher resolution, and many new features along with DX11 support."

Although this will surely spark another debate on "why PC is better than console," it should give console gamers a nice boost of confidence as we move into the future. When the development gap is "miniscule" we all win. Developers are happy because it doesn't take nearly as many resources to cross-platform their works of art, and gamers benefit because they don't have to worry about owning a specific system just to play a game they are interested in. I for one am really happy to hear this, and although I own both PC and console I'm excited (and hopeful) to see a day when there is no longer a technology gap between these outlets.