Double Fine, the creative minds behind classic Indie games Costume Quest and Stacking, are set to release their newest epic, Hack n' Slash, next year. The upcoming release follows the story of a young elf girl who uses her hacking skills to help her progress through a classic looking adventure title (think The Legend of Zelda).

The game is hopeful in promoting the world of "code," and will give players that are not familiar with the process of "hacking" a glimpse at just what it takes. It may not be completely realistic to the world of back-doors and security loopholes, but according to Double Fine's announcement they hope to bring something to gamers that is comparable to computer hacking.

The hacking-themed puzzle action title is the latest product of Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight event, in which employees were required to fabricate quick game prototype ideas for the general public to vote on. Of the 23 games present for voting, five of them were chosen, and Double Fine has been working on prototypes of each. The winning games include, The White Birch, Spacebase DF-9, Autonomous, Black Lake, and of course, Hack n' Slash. The Humble Bundle partnered with the developer to host the event, and although voting and live streaming is over, you can still view how everything went down here.

Double Fine plans to release Hack n' Slash sometime in the first half of 2014 and notes that the game will be DRM-free.