Mozilla has unveiled "Monster Madness," a 3D zombie-shooting game that will run entirely within web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. Mozilla has been actively attempting to "crack the web-gaming code" and back in March the developer announced that it was teaming up with Epic Games to create a web-platform capable of housing an Unreal Engine. This platform allows for the creation of supercharged projects that are 3D, fast, and much more visually complex than a traditional browser-based game.

Monster Madness is a product of Mozilla's dive into uncharted waters, and the company is hopeful that its release will unlock the doors into an entirely new world of gaming. The 3D shoot-em-up features top-down camera angles, different weapon types, a few characters to choose from, and some fun looking environments. The game appears to be an MMO of sorts, allowing multiple players to engage with one another online and form cooperative teams to battle against the monster hoards.

The game is set to release officially in May of 2014, but Mozilla has released a pre-alpha test version that can be played online right now.

It will be interesting to see if these types of titles flourish, and if they catch on in the near future. What makes these games so special is that fact that nothing has to be saved or installed on your PC to enjoy them. They are all packaged within the web browser, meaning you save hard drive space.