Google has now launched a brand new version of Sheets with what it says includes faster performance, enhanced features and the ability to work offline. As many have suggested, the offline mode allows Google's web based office suite - Sheets, Docs and Slides - to remain a much more competitive option to Microsoft's popular solutions.

Beyond the offline functionality, Google has rebuilt the app making it a much more powerful option for users. More specifically, it breaks limitations on the amount of columns, formulas, and the number of cells you can copy and paste.

Along with what looks to be a much faster basic scroll function on large spread sheets, the app will also auto-suggest the formula it thinks you are about to input faster, as well as offer up helpful tips and learning resources. Google has also dropped in 20 new functions as part of the Sheets overhaul.

One unique feature Google has added is the new custom filters. It will allow you to create, save and name custom view filters, without disrupting the way your collaborators see a particular spreadsheet.

In usual Google fashion, the new version of Sheets won't be immediately and entirely replacing the old one. Those interested in giving the new Sheets a go can simply opt in with a quick click of the "Try the new Google Sheets" button in your Google Drive settings. You can see Google's "Meet the new Google Sheets" video below.