The Metal Gear Solid series has been a console mainstay for some time now, but that will soon change thanks to an upcoming PC port. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, is prepared to take over the world of PC, and according to Konami's official KP Alert! podcast, the game is due to arrive on Steam "any day now."

Unfortunately this isn't the traditional MGS experience that many of us are accustomed to. Revengenace isn't a Solid Snake epic full of stealth kills and sneaky tactics. Instead, it is a high-energy, futuristic hack-and-slash with some heavy tactical overtones. You'll take control of Raiden, now meshed in a hyper-advanced cybernetic armor and working for a Private Military Company named Maverick Securities.

Revengeance was well received by the game community, although some were frustrated by the title's difficulty arc. It isn't a traditional hack-and-slash in the sense that you can simply cleave your way through any enemies in front of you. You'll need to learn how to parry, when you strike, and where your enemy is most vulnerable. It takes quite a bit of tactical placement, and provides a pretty good challenge for even the most adept of gamers.

You can get a glimpse at what to expect from the console-based trailer above. Hopefully we will have some news in the near future regarding a solid release date for this title, but until then we're left with knowledge that it is coming to PC sooner rather than later.