We're still probably a few years away from having access to mainstream 4K content but fortunately for us, content producers are already planning to shoot upcoming works in 4K resolution. On Monday, Amazon Studios announced intentions to shoot their entire 2014 original content lineup, including comedies and dramas, in ultra-high resolution format.

Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, said they think customers are going to love watching new series in the highest resolution ever available to consumers and they can't wait to deliver it. He fell short of providing any more details on the subject, however, meaning we don't know exactly when Amazon will start broadcasting 4K content or how one might go about watching it.

The rumored Amazon set-top box would be one likely candidate, but at the same time, Amazon could just simply be future-proofing new content with no plans to release 4K quality to streaming customers anytime soon. It may even be possible that we'll see physical 4K media show up before streaming, but I digress.

The company is planning to shoot 11 pilot episodes early next year in 4K resolution. Those that make the cut and get permission for a full series will move ahead into production, also in 4K.

Either way, Amazon will want to get content in the hands of consumers as quickly as possible to help compete with other streaming outfits. Netflix recently announced intentions to deliver 4K content next year although they've already uploaded a handful of Ultra HD clips for testing purposes.