Netflix recently added a half dozen or so 4K HD videos to their online catalog in preparation of a full-scale rollout in the coming months. The company has thus far only added some internal testing videos to the site although a spokesperson for Netflix said they have ambitions to launch Ultra HD next year.

To be specific, Netflix added seven 4K videos this past week. One clip, called El Fuente: 24 MP, is described as an example of 4K at 24 frames per second. The video showcases people riding on bikes, footage from a wholesale produce market and even kids playing in a water fountain. It’s obviously not riveting footage but the different scene scenarios are used to test the quality of Ultra HD under varying conditions.

During Netflix’s most recent earnings call, CEO Reed Hastings said his company wanted to be one of the primary 4K suppliers next year. When the company does officially launch Ultra HD, it’ll likely be with original content but it also wouldn’t be a shock to see the company land some TV shows or movies from their licensing partners, either.

It’s not uncommon for Netflix to quietly test new technologies like this among their public catalog. In the past, we’ve seen some mischievous members even leave mock reviews for test clips. One user even proclaimed one of the tests clips as the greatest story ever told. Either way, it’s good to see Netflix looking to the future and taking a leadership role in terms of 4K content.