Google is reportedly in the process of testing multiple Internet-connected thermostats. Much like the popular unit from Nest, the goal is to help users control power use and make the grid more efficient in general according to two people briefed on the matter as reported by The Information.

The program is known as EnergySense and is currently being tested by "trusted testers" in the St. Louis, Missouri area and perhaps elsewhere, according to documentation seen by the publication. Google will ultimately partner with other companies to help manufacture their thermostat, we're told, although it's unclear if the device would be geared toward the average consumer.

This isn't the first time the search giant has dabbled in the home energy sector. If you recall, Google operated a program several years back known as PowerMeter designed to raise awareness about the importance of giving people access to data related to their energy use. The program eventually shuttered in September of 2011 because it didn't scale as quickly as they hoped it would.

Two years is a long time in the tech world and since then, we've seen a surge in awareness of energy usage in the home as well as devices to help manage and reduce usage. In addition to the aforementioned Nest thermostat, other companies like Ecobee and Honeywell have released connected devices in recent memory.

No word yet on when we can expect to hear anything official from Google, unfortunately.