US President Barack Obama will meet Tuesday with executives from the country's top tech companies to discuss some burning issues including, national security, NSA surveillance, and economic impacts of unauthorized intelligence disclosures, according to CNN.

A major part of the discussion would focus on's operational issues and how those can be fixed. Since its launch in October, the website has faced many issues including crashes, down time and possible privacy violations. Although the administration announced earlier this month that a lot of bugs and glitches have been resolved, resulting in 90% uptime and only 1% error rate, it still wants the US tech sector's help in improving the website further.

The meeting of minds at White House will also focus on new and effective ways of partnership with the tech sector to create jobs, boost economy, and address income inequality and social mobility issues. Around 15 executives including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg are expected to attend the meeting.

The meeting comes a day after a federal judge ruled NSA's bulk collection of domestic phone records as unconstitutional, and a week after top American technology companies jointly lashed out at the Obama administration for its surveillance programs.