Nearly a year after purchasing webOS, LG announced today at an event in Seoul, Korea that it will be debuting its first product based on the now defunct OS early next year.

LG's Hong Sung-pyo said today the company will be revealing a webOS-powered TV set at CES next month. It will be running a dual-core 2.2GHz processor with 1.5GB of RAM, and is said to allow for multitasking functionality.

LG's version of webOS is basically an overhauled version of the system Palm and HP used for various phones and tablet models. It looks as though webOS's 'cards' multitasking feature could also be getting re-worked and reintroduced with LG's new TV offering.

As for why it feels the need to create a brand new OS for its TVs, LG said that many of its users aren't fully utilizing the "smart" features built-in to its current Netcast system, and hopes that a new, easier to use interface will bolster interest. It also hopes to take market share from solutions like Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast, by offering up similar features built right into the big screen.

Beyond that, LG also mentioned news regarding reviving the HP Enyo open-source JavaScript framework. Which, as some have suggested, appears to be how the company will ask third parties to develop apps for its ecosystem. CES will be live from Las Vegas in just a couple short weeks now, where we will get a much better picture of what LG has in-store for webOS.