If you thought Steam's Autumn Sale, which concluded on December 3, was to be the last Steam Sale of 2013, think again. Valve has recently launched the Steam Holiday Sale 2013, which will run from December 19th to January 3rd, offering the usual range of fantastic discounts on games.

Like always, there are new sales each day, usually ranging from 25% off to upwards of 75% off, as well as Flash Sales that change every eight hours. The Holiday Sale is community-focused, so there's a third sale category called Community's Choice, where you can vote on what the next sale will be, again with sales changing every eight hours.

Snow globe trading cards are a feature of the Steam Holiday Sale, with five ways to collect the ten different cards. For every three votes in the Community's Choice you'll get a card, or you can get one for every US$10 spend during the sale, or for every game badge crafted during the duration of the sale. You can also trade for and purchase the remaining cards, just like with any other set.

When you craft the Snow Globe 2013 badge, you'll net yourself a bunch of XP alongside a game item from a range of free-to-play games such as Dota 2, Warframe, Team Fortress 2 and Path of Exile. Some lucky people will receive extremely rare 'Precious' and 'Unparalleled' items, which will no doubt sell in the Market for a pretty penny.

To get the most out of this Steam Sale, we recommend you wait until games you're after turn up on the Daily Deals, Community's Choice or Flash Sales, as they offer the deepest discount. If at the end of the sale you haven't seen the game come up through any of these channels, or you've missed the limited-time promotion, grab it in the general sale.