Just recently, Konami unveiled that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance would be dropping onto the Steam platform "any day now." The developer has made good on their promise and now the latest installment in the Metal Gear saga has an official PC release date of January 9th. The title will normally set you back around $30, but thanks to Steam's latest Holiday Sale, and a conveniently placed "pre-purchase" option, you can get the hack-and-slash for $20. The game still won't unlock until early next year, but this price cut is too good to pass up.

The PC version will include all three DLC missions, Jetstream, Blade Wolf, and VR Mission, and will also give you access to every customized body upgrade for Raiden, including, Cyborg Ninja, Raiden's original MGS4 body, Commando Armor, Inferno Armor, and White Armor. This makes this deal that much sweeter, just look at how much cash you're saving in DLC alone.

In terms of features there are a few unique additions to the PC port. You'll be able to replay any cutscenes or codec conversations directly from the main menu, and you can even jump directly into any boss fights you may want to re-live. Of course, since this is a PC release, you'll also gain access to graphical controls, allowing you to customize your visual experience.

This price-cut is definitely a product of the latest Steam event so it's safe to assume that the title will spring right back up to retail as soon as the sale is over.