Is it hard for you to stay within your data limits? Well, worry no more. CTIA, the wireless association that represents the international wireless telecommunications industry, has come up with a website called Know My App, which contains a list of popular apps along with their respective data requirements.

Applications are grouped into categories, such as: games, music apps, sports apps, and more. You can also search an app by name, if you are not sure of its category. Just select an app and the website shows you its typical data consumption and compares it against capped US wireless plans. It also lets you know how the app was tested, and which device and network were used.

The data consumption information is based on their estimate of an average user's typical use of the application.

Apart from this, the website also lists some common but useful tips to reduce data consumption. For example, switch to Wi-Fi whenever possible, adjust the app settings to limit its data usage, and more. Though these tips are nothing new for tech-savvy users or those with unlimited data plans, they could be quite useful for newcomers who are still adjusting to the "always on, always connected" trend.

CTIA and Intertek used AT&T ARO diagnostic tool to capture, analyze and report network application data usage. According to the trade group, the website will also be of great help to app developers, as it provides tips and best practices on how to build high performance applications.