Why wait until the Consumer Electronics Show to launch new products when you can get plenty of uncontested media exposure in the days leading up to the event? That must be what Samsung is thinking as they've revealed two new shooters ahead of next week's massive tech conference: the Galaxy Camera 2 and the NX30.

The Galaxy Camera 2 is still powered by Android and relies on the same 16-megapixel sensor, 21x zoom lens and 4.8-inch LCD as the model before. Samsung has beefed up the battery to a 2,000mAh unit, however, while at the same time managing to drop the weight down to 9.2 ounces.

Inside is a new quad-core 1.6GHz processor with 2GB of RAM as well as an OS refresher up to Android 4.3. These changes now allow for 120fps slow-motion video capture as well as independent autoexposure and autofocus controls.

The mirrorless NX30, on the other hand, receives a new 20.3-megapixel image sensor that is more light-sensitive and a speedy hybrid autofocus system that can lock onto a target in just 80ms. Around back is a Super AMOLED-based touchscreen that is brighter than before. What's more, the display can now tilt in addition to swivel for a bit more flexibility when shooting.

The camera will launch with a pair of new lens as well: a quiet f/2-2.8 unit and a powered f/3.5-5.6 that's said to be adequate for capturing video.

No word yet on pricing or availability for either model but with any luck, that information will come down the pipeline sometime during CES next week.