TiVo has revealed a prototype DVR service at the year's CES that looks to offer very similar functionality as we get with Roamio equipped devices, except with everything being recorded and stored in the cloud. If indeed the network DVR service does see the light of day, it will be something TiVo will offer through your local cable provider.

Otherwise known as NDVR, TiVo's new cloud DVR project, will come along with an app for devices like iPad and Roku where users can view upcoming content, manage recordings and buy more storage, among other things. You can see in the preview image what the TiVo interface looks like at this point. The company is positioning the platform as an easy to use cloud DVR service that is searchable and available from anywhere and at anytime to the user.

The announcement of the prototype is as much aimed at cable providers as it is consumers, the company will have to convince the providers that its interface and service will make more money and lure in more customers that existing systems. To sweeten the deal for cable companies, TiVo is reportedly adding the ability to place targeted ads directly in NDVR recordings much the same as some on-demand services have introduced.

"It may surprise people to learn just how many of TiVo's features are already delivered from the cloud but storage in the cloud is the easy part," TiVo VP of Innovation, Joshua Danovitz said. "TiVo is making it easy both for the consumer and the operator to navigate within a cloud environment to facilitate a TV experience that is much more personal and we are once again leading the way in developing the best in class consumer features to enable the consumer to access all the content they want, whenever and wherever they want it – even as those sources and devices continue to evolve."