A very slow day for news so I found a misc. post more suitable for a few articles that are worth a look...

A new mass-mailing e-mail worm, which feigns a Microsoft.com origin, is spreading rapidly. Antivirus vendors say it can also spread via a local area network and can install "spyware" on a victim's PC. I've got quite a few of these myself today supposedly from "support@microsoft.com", just got installed Mailwasher right now, so far looks like a promising little program.

Ads Invade Videogames, savvy marketers are eyeing one of the last ad-free zones.

One-Way Opteron, anyone? here's a bit from the Inq: "AMD is touting this as a workstation chip, but you can be sure it will be tipping up in desktops around the world. This chip is available shortly, and Nvidia already has a chipset on the ground."

Microsoft will license the rights to Unix technology from SCO Group, a move that could impact the battle between Windows and Linux in the market for computer operating systems.

Gateway on Monday introduced a recycling program aimed at corporations, offering to haul away old PCs, delete data from hard drives and give credit toward future hardware purchases.