Twitter has finally got around to updating its website after having released revamped apps for Android and iOS. True to form, the microblogging platform is going for a uniform look in which the website will mirror the look and feel of the mobile experience.

There are a number of subtle changes in the new design that we've seen a time or two already from the small pool of members that Twitter uses to test new features with before a broad rollout. For starters, Twitter users are now able to personalize their profile a bit more with options to add accent colors and the like. What's more, the style and color of the navigation bar has changed to match what you'd find on the mobile apps while some of the icons have also been revamped.

Elsewhere, users will notice that their profile picture and background now appear in the top left side of the screen just above the usage count (when looking at the home feed). Also gone is the pop-up compose window.

It's worth pointing out that all of the new changes are merely cosmetic. Navigational elements like Connect and Discover all remain unchanged as there is no new functionality included in the refresh.

The update is rolling out across the web as we speak. Some users are reporting they already have the redesign while others are still waiting for the changes to come down the pipe. If you don't have it yet, just sit tight as it'll make its way to you eventually.