A few weeks ago around the Holidays, a flood ravaged parts of the United Kingdom, leaving many homes and businesses completely devastated. Hello Games, the folks behind the highly anticipated exploration epic No Man's Sky, had their office torn asunder by raging flood waters. The company was fortunate enough to make it through with all of their team members unharmed, but their machines and tools were not so lucky.

According to a recent blog post by the developer, spirits are high and the team refuses to let the recent weather woes get them down. "Everyone assembled over Christmas," stated Hello's Sean Murray, "and we've been working super hard since. Right now we have set ourselves up at a new temporary (cramped!) location. Some of us are working from home." The company is back up to full speed, regardless of their loss, and although a delay would be completely understandable by the gaming community, Hello Games refuses to let that happen. Without a solid release date any potential delay would have most likely snuck by without question, of course.

The blog post also spoke about the possibility of a Kickstarter campaign. According to Murray, he doesn't believe that Kickstarter is the "right thing for No Man's Sky right now," and even hinted that the development team would rather go hungry than to jeopardize their vision. Hopefully we will get more information regarding this incredibly ambitious, procedural space explorer in the near future.