Huawei, one of the Android OEMs sued by the Apple and Microsoft led patent consortium "Rockstar," has now opted to settle with the group, according to a report from FOSSPatents.

As opposed to a lengthy and expensive legal battle, the Chinese company looks to have taken the less expensive route. Huawei is reported to have filed a joint motion with Rockstar in order to get the patent infringement claims dismissed. More specifically, network and user interface patent infringement. Along with Google, Huawei was one of 7 major Android OEMs being targeted by the group.

Nearly a year ago, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Blackberry and others were cleared to purchase over 6000 patents owned by Nortel through the Rockstar consortium to the tune of about $4.5 billion. Google hoped to purchase the Nortel patents in order to avoid legal action against its Android partners, but bowed out after nearly 20 rounds of bidding.

At this point, reports suggest that with a deal worked out between Huawei and the consortium, the company is free to make use of the Rockstar patents without another firm slap on the wrist. With Huawei seemingly out of the deep end, Rockstar can focus all of its attention on Google, Samsung, LG, HTC and other Android OEM targets. As usual with these sorts of legal settlements, a precedence could be set here which could eventually lead to the other companies giving in to Rockstar's demands.