Huawei settles with Apple and Microsoft-led consortium in Android patent dispute

Justin Kahn

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Huawei, one of the Android OEMs sued by the Apple and Microsoft led patent consortium "Rockstar," has now opted to settle with the group, according to a report from FOSSPatents.

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Well, Google had a chance to be part of their group and decided not to and basically rose the price of the patents by employing some ridiculous formula for their bidding. So, now it's time to collect for the Rockstar group. Can't say I blame them.


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So glad I just 'take' modified MS software and don't even look at Apple.. both companies are disgusting. Looks like I'm building a steam box and seeing where they take the OS..
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Steam OS looks very promising, however I would wait at least a year until it has more complete support for games and hardware.