DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson on Tuesday announced that February will be Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month. The 28-day period will be filled with fun community missions and daily giveaways according to a post on the official Battlefield blog.

For starters, gamers will receive either a Bronze or Silver Battlepack (Bronze during weekdays and Silver during the weekends) just for logging into the game each day. The packs include perks like XP boosts and solider camouflage.

Also up for grabs are Gold Battlepacks that will be available to gamers willing to participate in Community Missions. For the first set of challenges, players will be asked to grab a set number of dog tags within a specific time frame. More details will be provided in the near future, we're told.

Elsewhere, gamers will have access to two voluntary shortcut bundles designed to help newer gamers make up for lost time and two additional weapon shortcuts for premium users. DICE is also offering up a double XP weekend for all players (two double XP weekends for premium users).

Freebies aside, the company will also host a number of interviews with some of the core developers of Battlefield 4. Here, gamers will be able to ask devs a wide range of questions about their line of work. The dates and channels for the developer interviews will be announced early next month.

Are you still playing Battlefield 4 or do you plan to pick the title back up to take advantage of the freebies next month?