Samsung has announced the take-over of 60 Carphone Warehouse locations across Europe. While Carphone Warehouse will continue to operate the retail locations, the 60 stores in question will only be selling "Samsung mobile communications products across Samsung's full range of mobiles, tablets, laptops and wearables" from now on.

With the new partnership, Samsung edges much closer to the number of retail stores Apple has across Europe. Still the top 2 companies for mobile device market share, add Samsung's existing stores with today's 60 and it's now much closer to the nearly 100 Apple stores spread throughout the continent.

The take over, which will see new Samsung converted Carphone Warehouse locations pop-up in Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, will come into effect over the next 3 months. Last year, Samsung tested the waters with CPW, having opened three new locations in Spain all operated by Carphone Warehouse. Today's announcement says the locations will have a "premium look and feel," which likely means something similar to the arguably Apple inspired locations Samsung already has open.

CEO of Carphone Andrew Harrison said: "This is an important alliance playing to both companies' strengths. Together we will create a powerful new retail concept to showcase, for our customers, a wide range of products, content and services as well as injecting both investment and new jobs into the retail sector."

The financial details of the move have not been disclosed.

"There is potential to expand the relationship going forward," today's press release read. With today's announcement Samsung has made Carphone Warehouse its "preferred partner" for retail operations in Europe. Meaning the 1,400 retail locations CPW has across the continent will likely be the first in line the next time Samsung wants to increase its retail exposure.

(Image via Shutterstock)