Amazon is reportedly working on new Kindle-based P2P check out and payment systems. While this certainly isn't as out there as its drone shipment initiative, reports suggest it will feature proprietary payment software and credit card technology similar to the Square reader.

While this is likely connected to Amazon's acquisition of mobile payment platform GoPago last year, other reports say the company is looking past just mobile systems and also has other payment platform technologies in development as well.

Apparently, Amazon is also working on cloud based person-to-person payment systems that sound as though they could be available on the desktop, essentially putting it in direct competition with the P2P payment giant itself, PayPal.

Much of the evidence pointing towards this kind of a system comes in the way of recent job listings looking for experienced P2P developers and things of that nature, so there is nothing confirmed at this point. The job listings reinforce the company's interest in moving from the e-commerce space to the commerce space in general saying that part of its strategy with P2P sales is to bring "products and services which will delight billions of customers as they buy and sell things in the real world."

The checkout tech and sales software will certainly help move Amazon into the real world, but as some have suggested it's the P2P system that makes the biggest difference here. We could see new services and interesting niche vendors show up on Amazon and a potential migration of smaller businesses from PayPal.