Today marks the tenth anniversary since Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes flipped the switch on "The Facebook" from a university dorm room. What was originally a website for Harvard students to connect with classmates and friends, quickly expanded to other colleges, high schools, select companies and then finally to anyone with a valid email address in 2006.

Today over 1.2 billion people use Facebook each month worldwide, the company trades publicly in the stock market (valued at $153 billion as of January 31), and made $7.87 billion in revenue last year.

Zuckerberg took to the social network to reflect on the past decade, admitting that in the early days he wouldn't have thought Facebook would grow to become a global phenomenon, but he always knew connecting the world was important, and the reason a group of students did it before anyone else is that they cared. And still do.

To celebrate the occasion Facebook has created a "Look Back" feature that compiles the most-liked photographs, status updates, and other events in a personalized minute-long video for every user of the site.

It's been quite the journey for the social network and more than a few websites are highlighting some of its milestones, from the early lawsuits to the rocky IPO launch and the road to becoming a mobile company. Rather than throwing another compilation to the pot here are a few worth checking out: