In what could be shocking news for eSports fans, World Cyber Games (WCG) has decided to cancel all its tournaments this year, including the World Cyber Games finals. According to an OnGamers report, WCG CEO Brad Lee has made the announcement through an e-mail sent to the organization's long-standing partners.

"This year, World Cyber Games Inc. will not organize tournaments and events, including the World Cyber Games finals world," Lee says in the e-mail. The communication further clarifies that partners can use WCG's brand in their country from this point forward. This last bit of information is being disputed however as the Korean esports daily reports that a Korean member of the WCG has refuted the statement, saying that the brand WCG cannot be used freely by partners.

WCG began in the year 2000, sponsored by Korea's Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Samsung. It soon became one of the pillars of the competitive gaming circuit. As the news broke out, folks related to WCG started sharing their memories of the event. "WCG 2003-2008 in my heart forever.", multiple-time WCG champion Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen told onGamers.

The exact reason behind WCG's decision is still unknown, but it is being speculated that low profits could have forced them to shut down. The event lost major advertisement contracts recently, and some popular games were also dropped. Whatever the reason be, one thing is for sure that the WCG will be missed by everyone, including players, organizers, and fans.