AMD appears set to launch a new budget-minded graphics card in the Radeon R7 250X, a model that would likely sit snugly between the entry-level R7 250 and the R7 260 based on product name alone. AMD hasn't released anything official just yet but here is what we have heard thus far.

As VideoCardz points out, there are already references of an R7 250X from multiple third-party partners including Sapphire and Asus. The Sapphire card shown below features a dual-slot design with a slightly modified cooling shroud and will require a single 6-pin power connector for power.

Collectively, we’re hearing that the 250X will be powered by the same GPU found on the 250 and will include 640 stream processors, 16 ROPs and 40 TMUs. It’ll be available in 1GB and 2GB configurations with a 128-bit bus and a 4.5GHz memory clock.

These specs suggest the card is little more than a Radeon HD 7770 rebrand.

Diamond Multimedia already has a factory overclocked model on Amazon priced at $99.99 and supposedly clocked at 1050MHz. Interestingly enough, the listing shows the card was first made available for purchase on Amazon on October 28, 2013 and the actual photos are of an R7 250. The 250X also isn’t listed on Diamond’s website. That said, the listing could very well be an error on Amazon’s part.

Sources told the publication that the new R7 250X card is scheduled for launch next month, perhaps around CeBIT.