AMD set to launch budget-minded Radeon R7 250X next month

Shawn Knight

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AMD appears set to launch a new budget-minded graphics card in the Radeon R7 250X, a model that would likely sit snugly between the entry-level R7 250 and the R7 260 based on product name alone. AMD hasn't released anything...

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This would be cool if it was a new card and not a rebrand that way it would link up with the A10-7850k and run Hybrid. Now it might just do that but at the point where this card holds you might as well just invest a bit more and get either a 760 or 260X with much better performance.


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In our country, the philippines, amd r7 240 is already available at a nearby local retailer, with r7 260 and higher models not available. NVidia 700 series are likewise not available. at another city, one hour by plane, NVidia gtx 760 is already available for purchase order but needs about 3-4 weeks delivery to local retailer. NVidia gtx 770 is also listed as available but at only at greater manila area (area surrounding the capital of the Philippines)


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At last (in a local pcbuyer's guide magazine, Philippines; 120php, January - March 2014 issue; available at national book store) the following msi gaming boards based on the latest amd series are already available:

29950php = amd r9 290x 4gd5
22950php = amd r9 290 4gd5 **

16950php = amd r9 280x gaming 3g **

11450php = amd r9 270x hawk **
10950php = amd r9 270x gaming 2g **
9950php = amd r9 270 gaming 2g **

7450php = amd r7 260x 2gd5 oc
5950php = amd r7 250 1gd5 oc
4450php = amd r7 240 2gd3 lp

the listed price is in Philippines pesos at approximately 45 pesos to one u.s. dollar (give or take a few cents)
any listed Philippine price typically includes mandated 12% VAT (value-added tax)

funny thing for us who live in far-flung provinces away from the national capital region (greater manila area): only amd r7 240 is available and not at the suggested retail price. :)

my favorite computer parts store, pc express, does not yet carry the new amd items.
(NVidia gtx 760 and up are on order basis, 3-4 weeks waiting time but are available right away at selected branches in manila)

** amd series I like and within my budget