A new report has landed just a week away from the expected unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5, detailing a few new features that we might see in the flagship Android smartphone. SamMobile has allegedly confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will integrate a swipe-style fingerprint scanner into the physical home button, providing a new method of securing the device.

This won't be the first time a smartphone has included a fingerprint scanner, with early Android devices such as the Motorola Atrix 4G integrating one into the power button. More recently, the fingerprint scanner has been revitalized thanks to the inclusion of one in the iPhone 5S, although Apple's implementation will be slightly different to Samsung's.

According to the report, to use the Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner you'll have to swipe your entire finger pad across the home button, keeping it flat and swiping at a moderate pace. The iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner is static, so no swiping is necessary, and judging by these rumors it will be easier to operate than the Galaxy S5's.

However, Samsung has reportedly packed more fingerprint-related features into the Galaxy S5. You'll be able to store up to eight fingerprints, and assign certain prints to certain tasks: think launching applications or viewing contacts. A Personal Folder and Private Mode will be included as well, allowing users to hide apps and files behind a fingerprint-protected screen.

We won't have to wait long to see if this rumor is indeed correct, with Samsung's 'Unpacked 5' press event scheduled for the evening of February 24 in Barcelona, where Mobile World Congress 2014 is being held.