Samsung Galaxy S5 may include a fingerprint-scanning home button


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A new report has landed just a week away from the expected unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5, detailing a few new features that we might see in the flagship Android smartphone. SamMobile has allegedly confirmed that the Galaxy S5...

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Well looks like fingerprint scanning is definitely going mainstream. I bet the NSA is having a party.


Android fans when Apple releases fingerprint scanning:

"this is stupid, this is horrible, seriously retarded"

Android fans when Android adopts fingerprint scanning:

"this is awesome, it's the greatest, way to go Android"

Didn't they do the same thing with 64bit?



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Where ever Apple goes, Samsung will follow, Apple innovates, the rest duplicate
if you are talking about the ( fingerprint ) apple copy it from the Motorola Atrix 4G integrating one into the power button. . so if I was you careful what you type.


The NSA doesn't need my fingerprints. I guess I'll be sticking with my Nexus 5 for a good while.


That's right, Motorola's fingerprint scanner predates Apple's. Additionally, at CES 2013 (before iPhone 5S was announced), a company named Validity Sensors was able to integrate a fingerprint scanner right beneath the touchscreen of a Samsung phone.