Amazon's set top streaming box did not make its release window last year, but reports are suggesting the online retail giant is still moving forward with the device. A Recode report citing various sources said that Amazon is preparing to launch the device in March of this year.

Amazon has been investing in its web content catalogue for quite some time now, not to mention original programming. A web TV box would obviously be an easy way for users to watch said content on the big screen, as well as possibly giving Roku boxes and Apple TV a run for their money.

When news initially broke regarding Amazon's new box, we learned that it could be running a forked version of Android similar to the company's Kindle tablets. Sources cited in today's report corroborate that information, saying the box will more than likely be running a customized Android OS.

Previously, there was also talk that Amazon was developing its own sub $300 game console, later pushed by the fact that it acquired Killer Instinct and Strider reboot developer Double Helix. More recently, an Amazon Game Studio job listing for experienced triple A developers with iOS and Android experience was spotted.

While there has been no reports connecting both the gaming console rumor and the upcoming Amazon set-top streamer, it appears as though there could be a chance they are one in the same. The Amazon gaming console is said to be an Android system similar to OUYA, but it sounds like the company's gaming division is preparing for more than just that. Amazon has declined to comment on the report.