As users across the world embrace a more mobile, and increasingly touch-focused approach to computing, the market for 'traditional' peripherals is not what it once was. When the overwhelming majority of us relied on big, bulky Windows PCs as our main tools for work and playing games, there was a vast and seemingly infinite market for PC accessories and peripherals - from speakers to webcams to printers, keyboards and mice.

These days, the focus is on notebooks and tablets, which integrate or negate many of the features that the accessories market used to cater for. But the PC is not dead yet, and many still rely on desktop computers every day. Demand for peripherals will live on as well - and while the market for mice and keyboards is perhaps not quite as diverse and lively as it once was, it too lives on, dominated largely by the likes of Logitech and Microsoft.

Microsoft's Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is no stranger to us at Neowin. In fact, we reviewed it almost a year and half ago, and it performed pretty well. Since many of our readers still rely on desktop computers - with good ol' fashioned mouse and keyboard set-ups - we thought it would be helpful to revisit this keyboard, alongside the mouse with which it is paired in a desktop set.

These two peripherals make up the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop. Despite being launched some time ago, the Desktop set is still on sale as one of the company's range of Windows 8-focused accessories. But is it still worth considering, or should you be looking elsewhere for your system's next input devices?

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