Microsoft won't be officially releasing Windows 8.1 Update 1 until after their BUILD conference in April, but late on Thursday the company accidentally leaked the update to the public. Eager users were able to make a small registry change that made the updates show up in Windows Update, or download it all through direct links to Microsoft's servers.

The overall process to install Update 1 required the download of six separate updates totaling roughly 770 MB. Some users who downloaded and installed Update 1 said the final build string matched what was reported to be the RTM build, suggesting Microsoft was testing methods of delivering the update before links were leaked.

It only took a few hours for Microsoft to block public access to the files both through the download links and registry edits, however the files are still available through several other sources. While it shouldn't be too hard to find, download and install the update, if you're interested in checking out the changes, we recommend waiting for Update 1 to go live officially.

Most of the changes and improvements in Windows 8.1 Update 1 are geared towards improving the experience for keyboard and mouse users. There are new right-click context menus in some parts of the 'Modern' interface, power and search buttons right on the Start screen, title bars at the top of all Metro-style apps, and some desktop-oriented changes. The official launch of Update 1 is expected to be April 8th, according to several rumors.