Looking to improve its product and compete with Google Maps, Yahoo Maps has partnered with Nokia Here to provide indoor floor plans. This means that users will now be able to easily locate places like restaurants, stores, cafes, ATMs, restrooms and more, across large areas like shopping malls, airports or stadiums. Yahoo has added more than 75,000 Here-powered indoor venue maps to its mapping service.

Here captures location content such as buildings, traffic patterns, road networks, and parks, and its technology is based on a cloud-computing model in which location data and services are stored on remote servers. Nokia's mapping tech already powers services like Bing Maps and MapQuest.

Here covers nearly 200 countries, with indoor maps available in 45 countries. It also offers voice guided navigation in 94 countries, and provides live traffic information in 33 countries. The venue maps are now live on maps.yahoo.com, and according to Nokia, they've also received Yahoo's beautiful "purple and lilac livery".

Here remains one of Nokia's key business units, especially after software giant Microsoft acquired its phone division last year. In fact, former CEO Steve Ballmer wanted the mapping division too, but due to the board's opposition he couldn't push the deal through.