Music icon Neil Young will soon follow in the footsteps of thousands of others in his effort to bring a new invention to market. On March 15, his company PonoMusic will launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a portable digital music player.

The PonoPlayer isn't your run of the mill MP3 player, however, as it's designed with audiophiles in mind. The triangle-shaped gadget features 128GB of internal storage, an LCD touchscreen, three physical buttons used to control playback and a memory card expansion slot.

According to the company, the PonoPlayer will offer studio master-quality digital music at the highest audio fidelity possible. This will allow listeners to experience music the way the artists intended.

Naturally, the average MP3 simply won't cut it on the PonoPlayer. Instead, users will need to download tracks from the company's music service, PonoMusic. The service will offer the finest quality, highest-resolution digital music from major and independent labels. With the 128GB of storage that comes standard, expect to store between 1,000 to 2,000 full albums at the highest quality.

The PonoPlayer will hit the crowdsourced website on March 15 priced at $399 (no word yet if there will be an early bird special). That's a lot of dough to fork over for something that smartphones and iPods already do but if you're after top quality audio, it may certainly be worth a look. Just don't forget to bring your favorite pair of headphones along for the ride.