Twitter is testing a new "Fave People" feature that lets you catch up with tweets from all your preferred users in one section. The feature recently appeared in the alpha version of Twitter's Android app, and is currently being tested by early adopters, though TechCrunch has posted a few screenshots for all to see.

The alpha version has a swipeable menu for navigation between various sections including "Home," "Discover," "Activity," and more. "Fave People" sits right next to "Home". When you tap it for the very first time, an introduction screen appears (see the image below), providing some details about how the feature works.

The "Pick some favorites" button lets you choose your favorite fellow Twitter users. Depending upon the number of accounts you follow, the process could be time consuming.

Although the idea is similar to Twitter's existing "Lists", through which you can organize users into various sections like "reporters", "celebrities", and so on, it's a more simplified approach aimed at helping those who miss out on tweets from their favorites due to the large number of accounts they follow.

The appearance of "Fave People" in the Alpha version of Twitter for Android does not guarantee that it will make its way to the company's regular mobile app. Testers' feedback is important for Twitter, and if it turns out to be negative, the company would most likely scrap the idea.