Just a month after she won a controversial decision that ordered Google to take down and prevent new uploads of the anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims from YouTube, actress Cindy Lee Garcia has now filed for a contempt of court order alleging that the company has failed to comply with the ruling.

Garcia on Tuesday filed an emergency motion (PDF) in Los Angeles, claiming that a version of the video that includes her performance was still available on the Internet. She also complained that instead of removing the video, Google has temporarily disabled some copies, along with a message that mocks her.

"For Google, it is a pedestrian, technical exercise to take down those URLs, to hire an intern to just search for 'Innocence of Muslims'...," counsel M. Cris Armenta wrote in the filing.

In her initial takedown notices, Garcia provided a list of 852 YouTube channels and URLs where the video can allegedly be found. She is now demanding a maximum penalty of $150,000 per channel, and wants the court to order Google to post a bond for the amount for each of these links.

Garcia claims that she had been hired to act in a different film, but the filmmaker tricked her by dubbing anti-Islamic slurs, and used the footage in some other film. The 14 minute video triggered international outrage and sparked protests around the world. She also says that she has been receiving death threats from around the world. Even a fatwa (Islamic religious ruling) is said to have been issued in Egypt for her execution.