While most are still trying to figure out what Facebook is going to do with Oculus VR, the company is now rolling out an update to its Messenger app on iOS. After quietly announcing that it now services 1 billion mobile users with Instagram now at 200 million alone, Facebook has brought new contact grouping and forwarding features to its iOS messaging service.

Along with a new Groups tab where users can organize ongoing conversations by "pinning" permanent group chats, Facebook has added a simple new group creation feature as well as mute and notification customization options that go along with it.

While group conversations still show up on the main tab, within the Group tab you'll find a tidy grid view off all your ongoing conversations and the ability to quickly unpin the ones you don't want anymore.

As reports suggest, some of the features being introduced here could have something to do with Facebook's acquisition of the then now shut down group messaging app Beluga back in 2011.

The 4.0 update notes also mention a new forwarding feature that will allow you to shoot off messages and images to those that aren't apart of that particular conversation. Beyond that, Facebook mentions basic stability and performance improvements.