Verizon first showed off its Verizon Media Server at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January in Las Vegas. The IPTV DVR hub, which carries six tuners and a 1TB hard drive, is now shipping in select markets as part of the Quantum TV package in a phased rollout according to a report from Zats Not Funny.

The device, VMS1100, replaces a standard cable box and feeds broadcasts to smaller satellite boxes in other rooms over cable wiring. And unlike some other systems, users can pause and rewind live TV on all satellite boxes and even pause a show in one room and pick it up in another.

In the event that recording six shows at once simply isn't enough, users can pair two DVRs together to simultaneously record up to 12 shows at any given time. And surprisingly enough, pricing isn't really too bad either as you'll pay $22 per month for a single DVR and $32 for two units. Each satellite box will set you back $10.

The new system is available in select parts of New York, New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania according to forum members over at DSLReports. Early reports claim the software still needs a little work but overall, the DVR box itself is extremely fast. What's more, it's nearly just as responsive over the satellite boxes.

Interested parties can check availability on Verizon's website.