Record up to 12 channels at once with Verizon Quantum TV DVRs

Shawn Knight

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Verizon first showed off its Verizon Media Server at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January in Las Vegas. The IPTV DVR hub, which carries six tuners and a 1TB hard drive, is now shipping in select markets as part...

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There's never that many good things simultaneously on TV. There's almost never that many good things on TV in an entire day either.


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Its really only 6, you have to pair 2 to get 12. But even at that, 6 channels presumably in HD at once is a lot of writing/fragmenting going on with the drive (presuming it is mechanical). That can't be good on the drive.

Then on top of that you only have 1TB of storage, doesn't seem like you are going to be able to store a whole lot on that drive. Silver lining of that may be that when the drive fails, you haven't lost as much as you otherwise would have.


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So that's like a $132.00 a month for boxes and dvr's add programming and internet and it like $300.00 + dollars a month. I like how these companies sit around and come up with this useless crap