If sales figures alone are any indication, the first expansion for Diablo III is off to a solid start. Blizzard recently revealed that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has sold 2.7 million copies online and at retailers since its release on March 25.

Blizzard co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaime said with the expansion, they wanted to emphasize all the things that Diablo gamers have always loved about the series, from the dark gothic setting to the piles and piles of epic loot. He added that Blizzard is excited to see that players are enjoying the changes they've made to the game.

The expansion adds a number of new features including a new act that plays out in Westmarch, a new playable character class known as The Crusader, updated loot rewards, an increased level cap, all-new class skills and abilities, replayable content in the form of Bounties and Nephalem Rifts, a new Adventure Mode and the new Mystic Artisan.

The numbers are no doubt impressive but at the same time, they aren't all that surprising. The game got off to a solid start following its May 2012 launch and had sold more than 12 million copies by the end of the year. It was the most pre-ordered Blizzard game ever at the time.

It's worth pointing out that the expansion is only available for Windows PC and Mac at this point. The expansion will be rolled into a version of the game known as Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for the PlayStation 4 later this year. It'll also arrive on the Xbox One at some point, we're hearing.