Curved television screens were once a staple in homes around the globe but ultimately gave way to the flat panel sets we are accustomed to today. That’s about change in the coming years as most new sets will once again be sold with a curve, albeit of the concave style rather than the convex sets that predate modern TVs.

The latest research from NPD Group’s DisplaySearch reveals shipments of curved LED and OLED TVs will reach nearly 800,000 units by the end of this year. I’ll be the first to admit that isn’t too terribly impressive but it’s just the start.

Sales of curved LED sets are expected to reach their peak in 2016 but by that point, OLED technology will have worked out its major setbacks. By the following year, total shipments are expected to exceed six million.

That’s good news for television manufacturers that have watched shipments and revenue drop since the market’s peaked in 2011. They’ve tried to find the next big thing in television technology over the past several years without much luck but as prices come down, curved displays and 4K resolution look to be next in line.

Even if curved sets prove little more than a fad, they will have done their job of differentiating high-end models and in turn provide a much-needed boost to the global market.

What are your thoughts on curved televisions and 4K resolution?