Google is reportedly preparing one last hurrah with regard to Google Glass before a planned consumer release later this year. According to documentation obtained by The Verge, the search giant will make Glass available to anyone that wants to purchase it - but only for a very limited time.

The internal Google slide reveals the promotion could be announced on April 15 and may last "about a day." Buyers will still need to plunk down the same $1,500 as before but this time, Google is including a free sunglass shade or one of their recently-announced prescription frames with each purchase.

It's unclear if Google is aiming to move out dated Explorer edition stock ahead of the consumer release of if they simply want to get Glass in the hands of more people for a wider beta test.

Google Glass has already spent a considerable amount of time in beta status. The company first unveiled Project Glass in April 2012 before opening up pre-orders to Google I/O attendees in June. In February 2013, Google expanded the reach of Glass with a promotion that asked people what people would do with the headset if they owned it.

There have also been several smaller campaigns as well as a friend referral program to get more users on the platform. A recent initiative called Glass for Work suggested Google might be more interested in targeting working professionals but perhaps they will end up going after both markets.

Naturally, Google declined to comment on the matter.