Respawn Entertainment on Thursday released a hefty title update for Titanfall across all platforms. The patch adds several new features and addresses multiple bugs that have cropped up since the game’s March 11 release date.

The patch allows gamers to create private matches, a feature that was notably absent in the initial release. Private matches can support two to 12 players with one to six players on each team. As expected, gamers won’t be able to earn XP nor will they be able to make progress in challenges or unlock achievements in this new mode.

The update also reduces the requirements to complete a Gen 5 challenge called “Gooser.” Previously, the challenge required gamers to kill 50 ejecting pilots while they were in mid-air. Considering the unique conditions that have to be met just to have the opportunity to get a kill on an ejecting pilot, Respawn said they went a bit too far with this challenge and have reduced the number of kills needed from 50 down to just five.

Those that did manage to complete the 50-kill challenge as well as players that already had more than five qualifying kills before the patch was released will be recognized for their accomplishments in a future game update.

Other changes include the removal of a wall hack exploit, multiple game balance changes and a bevy of bug fixes. The full change log can be viewed on Titanfall’s official website.